A Week in Hydroponics: A Webinar Series

Date Event Location Registration:
2 Dec 2019 Develop a Nutrient Program for Hydroponic ally-Grown Leafy Crops – Beginners Level Chris Currey, Ph.D.
Iowa State University
3 Dec 2019 Get to the Root of the Problem: Diagnosis and Biocontrol of Root Rot in Leafy Greens
Beginners Level
Cora McGehee, M.Sc.
University of Connecticut
4 Dec 2019 Case Studies in Close Irrigation Loop to Prevent Spread of Plant Pathogens
– All levels
Rosa E. Raudales, Ph.D.
University of Connecticut
6 Dec 2019 Adjusting Nutrients in a Closed-Irrigation System
-Advanced level
Neil Mattson, Ph.D.
Cornell University

For questions, contact Cora McGehee (cora.mcgehee@uconn.edu)