Cora McGehee

Cora McGehee

M.S. graduate student (since 2016)- University of Connecticut
B.S.Environmental Horticulture with minor in History (2015)- Louisiana State University

Cora’s research consists on identifying non-chemical options to control Pythium root rot in hydroponic lettuce and microgreens.  Cora is founder of the graduate student association PLANTalks where graduate students talk about science topics and tools. Cora has strong interest in plant diagnostics and extension.



Examples of experiments:

In-vitro pathogenicity test. On the left, the negative control treatment in which all the seeds germinated. On the right, seeds exposed to Pythium aphanidermatum, none of the seeds germinated.
Greenhouse experiment on efficacy of biocontrol organisms to control Pythium root root.
On the left, lettuce root was infected with Pythium aphanidermatum. Infection may not always result in root rot or necrosis. However, it can significantly reduce total root mass.